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Conquest-Hawkins, 2011
The grandmaster Susan Polgar explain why leaving King in the center is very dangerous.   [Videos]  
Interview with Susan Polgar
Today we are in Susan Polgar house in Saint-Louis and we will try to present you the great champion and What she is really doing for the last 15 years. This is quite incredible, but we are not sure all of you know what she has done for promoting chess and bringing it in the large scale in the US and the World.   [News]
Legal's mate
The Légal Trap or Blackburne Trap is a chess opening trap, characterized by a queen sacrifice followed by checkmate with minor pieces. Free Video   [News]  
Dim on the rim?
Romanishin Gambit [A13] with GM Tony Kosten   [News]
The 6 h3 Najdorf bandwagon!
The Najdorf 6 h3 [B90] by IM Richard Palliser   [News]
Stellar Jobava!
Nimzo-Larsen - 1.b3 [A01] with IM John Bartholomew   [News]
Even the kitchen sink!
GM Simon Williams analyses a totally crazy attacking game   [Videos]   
Problems for the Dutch?
Anti-Dutch with Nc3 and Bg5 [A80] by GM Glenn Flear   [News]
Magnus Carlsen's endgame technique
GM Christian Bauer explains the opposite-colour bishop ending from Carlsen-Hammer   [Videos]   
Play the Morris Gambit!
The Morris Gambit Accepted [D00] by GM Eric Prié   [News]
Counter the Center Counter!
Center Counter 3...Qd6 [B01] with GM Danny Gormally   [News]
A very dangerous novelty!
GM Simon Williams dissects a risky but successful attack   [Videos]   
Delayed poison!
Najdorf 6 Bg5 Delayed Poisoned Pawn Variation [B96] by IM Richard Palliser   [News]
Is it a Tromp or is it a Sicilian?
The Trompowsky Opening 2...c5 3 Nc3 [A45] by IM Richard Palliser   [News]
Counterattack on the light squares!
GM Simon Williams analyses a fine game of attack and counter attack   [Videos]   
Kramnik's Gambit
Nimzo-Indian Parma Variation 8...Nbd7 [E55] by GM John Emms   [News]
A key tabiya in the Réti
Réti Opening [A14] with IM John Bartholomew   [News]
Key endgame themes
GM Christian Bauer explains the opposite-colour bishop ending from Gelfand-Huebner.   [Videos]   
Emil's new Seville plan
Exchange Grünfeld Defence, Seville Variation [D88] with GM Glenn Flear   [News]
Grabbing a hot pawn!
GM Simon Williams discusses the pros and cons of grabbing material   [Videos]   
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